Why Iranian Chicken meat Price is High in Global Market?
Iranian chicken meat is sold in high price to other countries such as Russia, while Brazilian chicken meat is sold at dumped price to Russia.
Mohammad Youssefi, the chairman of Iranian broiler breeder association, said that poultry farmers were keeping breeding during these two years despite of their loss and detriment.
‘Brazilian chicken meat price is USD 2.00 in Russia, while it is USD 4.00 in Brazil.’he pointed out.  
“Grains prices are very variable in Iran and this affect chicken meat price, as corn price has been increased from Rials6500 to Rials9500 whilst Rials 1000 is added as shipping cost to this amount per kilogram” explained Youssefi about the high price of chicken meat in Iran compared to other countries.
 “Corn price has been supplied for Rials 6200 to Iranian stock market and government has sold it for Rials 8800. Global corn price is very different from the price that we buy” he added.
“Price adjustment administrators should consider that breeders sold their products with detriments during the last two years, because supply was more than demand; on the other hand, our export can’t be competitive in other countries as the prices are high”.
He told that high Iranian chicken meat price exported to other countries such as Russia is an obstacle for this product in addition to the respect of sanitary safety protocol between countries. “Brazilian chicken meat is sold USD 2.00 in Russian ports while it is USD 4.00 in Brazil” he said.
Regarding to exporting support packages, the final price of goods such as chicken meat and effect of bank facilities, he said: “bank facilities rate in Brazil is %4. In Japan, lending rate is %0 to help production. While for Iranian producers, this rate is %30; so, they prefer to provide their cash flow from free market which has a high cost”.
In terms of Iranian heavy weight chickens, which are always blamed, Youssefi explained: “we are discussing with Ministry of Agriculture and we try to improve the weights in the future”.
“For breeders, it is more economic to slaughter heavy chickens but it is in detriment of national benefits”.
“A chicken from a hen with 2 kilograms weight has a fix rate which is lower in a hen with 3 kilograms weight and deputy-minister of agriculture in livestock products sector is trying to improve that” said Youssefi.
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