The Halal market in France continues to expand its offerings

The halal market in France, which has one of Europe’s largest Muslim populations at an estimated 4.1 million people (Insee, 2013), is continuing to experience good growth based on the modernisation of product offerings coupled with yearlong promotions across the category. 

The overall halal market is currently estimated at a value of €5.5 billion, with the turnover of the meat delicatessen sector valued at €88.2 million (+12% from the beginning of the year), and the turnover of the frozen halal meat sector valued at €33.7 million (+6.5%) (IRI, 2014). The overall value of the market is in fact higher than the quoted figure as this excludes halal sales in traditional butchers. Xerfi research from 2010 states that 80% of halal meat sales occurred in traditional butchers.

The number one player in the market is Isla Délice with a market share of 47.1% in the meat delicatessen category, and a market share of 37.9% in frozen halal meat. They have seen a growth in sales values of almost 17% since the beginning of the year, and attribute their success to the introduction of new products and innovations in the market that respond closely to the needs of their consumers. They have introduced new snacking products, a sector which is showing growth across all products categories in France in recent years. These products have been developed to target France’s younger Muslim consumers with medium-high purchasing power. Such products include a ‘croque monsieur’ made with turkey, a microwaveable hot dog, and chicken fingers in breadcrumbs. Another player in the market, Réghalal, introduces 7-8 products annually across poultry and cold meats, as well as pizzas and ready meals (LSA, September 2014). A number of retailers such as Carrefour and Casino (Wassila) have developed their own brand ranges of halal goods to respond to this large and growing market.

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